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Criminal Defense Attorney
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Criminal Defense Attorney
Catherine Mazzullo

Welcome to the Law Office of Catherine Mazzullo, P.A., a trial and appellate law firm dedicating its practice to assisting individuals who are seeking criminal defense representation.  Headquartered in Palm Beach County, Catherine Mazzullo represents clients throughout the State of Florida.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement or if you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you are entitled to effective representation.  Your decisions regarding your representation and the defense you present will have a direct impact on your future.  There is no better strategy than to have an experienced defense attorney on your side.  The best defense is a prepared defense.  We are committed to defending your rights and protecting your record.

The Law Office of Catherine Mazzullo understands that criminal prosecution will threaten your liberty and impact your life both emotionally and financially.  During the trying and stressful time associated with criminal investigation and prosecution, I strive to provide quality professional legal representation while maintaining good client communication and accessibility.  When you turn to the Law Office of Catherine Mazzullo, you are putting your trust in a firm that will devote personal attention to providing professional legal services.  I am prepared to assist you in every step of the process towards a positive outcome.

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Let me put my 30 years of criminal defense experience and my reputation in the South Florida Circuit and County Court System to work for you.

Catherine Mazzullo

Catherine Mazzullo, Attorney
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