Driving Under the Influence laws are becoming stricter and more heavily enforced.  This has resulted in harsher punishments with lower legal limits for blood alcohol content.  Upon conviction for DUI, you face the loss of driving privileges (a driver’s license suspension or revocation), increased insurance premiums, heavy fines and possible jail time.

Your first 10 days of a DUI are the most critical days.

Catherine Mazzullo has over 30 years of experience working on DUI cases, DUI manslaughter cases, driving while intoxicated accidents, boating under the influence, and other serious DUI and DWI criminal cases.

Catherine Mazzullo’s undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Medical Technology and her experience working in the laboratory provides an invaluable working knowledge of the science of blood alcohol testing.

Prosecutors rely on breath or blood test evidence to get a conviction or to convince a defendant to plead guilty to DUI.  When a blood alcohol content (BAC) test is performed, whether it be a breath test or blood test, the prosecution will present evidence of the alcohol reported to be in the accused’s bloodstream to prove that the defendant was driving a vehicle with a BAC over the legal limit.  A full understanding of the science behind alcohol absorption and elimination rates is required to prepare and defend a DUI case.

Attorney Catherine Mazzullo will guide you through the criminal defense process, advise you about your options, protect your legal rights, and take every step necessary to win your case.


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