Criminal Defense

As an experienced criminal defense trial attorney, my practice is devoted to the defense of criminal cases throughout the state of Florida.

When you’ve been arrested, accused, or are under investigation for a criminal matter, it is important that you trust an attorney that will handle your case with nonjudgmental and compassionate representation. I proudly serve clients in South Florida, taking each and every case seriously. Providing a higher standard of customer service is important and taking your legal emergency as seriously as your do.  Many people have questions about their rights and the criminal process.

Know Your Rights

  • Are the police required to read me my rights?
  • Were the police entitled to search me, my vehicle or my house?
  • Did I have the right to an attorney at the time I was questioned?

Understand the Criminal Process

  • Is all of the State’s evidence admissible in court?
  • Is there evidence that can be suppressed or thrown out?
  • Can the charges be dismissed with the filing of an appropriate motion?
  • What defenses do I have?
  • Is a trial necessary?

Know the Penalties

  • Am I facing a jail or prison sentence?
  • Does the crime I am charged with carry a minimum prison or jail sentence?

As a criminal trial attorney, I can answer these important questions. My experience in dealing with the courts and prosecutors can help guide you through the criminal process. Do not leave the outcome to this serious charge to chance.



You need an attorney that will be on your side. You need someone who has always believed in helping individuals accused of a crime.

I make it a priority to keep you informed about your case. It is very important that you understand each step of the criminal process, what the law is regarding your case, and your options on how to proceed. As your criminal lawyer, I am committed not only to defending your freedom but also to keeping you in the loop about the status of your case. Being charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening and confusing experience. Many people have questions about their rights and the criminal process such as: